Togglr provides deeper business insights through our core capabilities of analytics using technology at forefront combining our Industry knowledge delivering results with speed to help organizations make better informed decisions for productive results.

As organizations grow, data volume keeps growing exponentially. But the key challenge is the ability to derive actionable insights. In addition a significant the change management effort required to implement the findings and recommendations.

Togglr Analytics - "Analytics as a Service" offering provides the much needed Data Analytical solutions on cloud or on-premise mode. Analytics as a Service as a package is a complete suite of software, technology, data management, and visualization reports.

Key features of Analytics as a Service are:

- Flexibility for clients through on-demand solution offering;
- Model designed as "ease of scalability" when businesses are ready to expand;
- Customized solution to address the challenge on hand.
Digital and Social Media Analytics

Digital and Social Media Analytics

As always Togglr Insights understands that there can’t be a one size fits all model for every business so we will indulge in building you a custom made solution model for your company’s unique needs.

Some of the additional key offering we are working with customers is
1. Video analytics
2. Speech or text analytics

Togglr Insights believes that there cannot be a one size fits all model for every business. Customisation is at the core of our service model and we will enable a solution thats bespoke to your needs.
Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Visualization tools have enabled enhanced delivery of insights. By an effective use of highlights and graphical techniques these tools identify key trends and draw attention to the metrics that matter. The rate at which data is generated has increased, driven by increasing need for simple and precise articulation of data. Well crafted visualization helps uncover trends, realize insights and explore sources.

Key features of Visualizations are
- To present disparate data into articulative message
- Be closely integrated with calculations / figures and verbal descriptions of data sets
Event Based Analytics

Event Based Analytics

Drawing from the actionable insights, Togglr will feed the best actions into your business process in a non-invasive manner. The intent is to create a smooth and intelligent way to realize value from these insights. Let us know how you would like these integrated into your channels and we will get them done.
Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

With the exploding growth of digital services every one is highly networked and connected online. Information is no longer more than touch away. This also means changing customer preferences in reaction to ever changing external environments. With a use of cross channel technologies and identified social media data sources we will deliver actionable customer insights.There exists a multitude of information in the data across your customer interaction lifecycle. In between each touch point there are numerous influences on both sides of your business and at customer end that influences your outcomes.

Our understanding of these processes and application of pertinent data sources will bring to life key pointers on how some of your product or service features can be modified to improve customer experience.

Togglr Analytics helps clients maximize revenue and margin at every step along their consumer journey.

Key features of Customer Analytics are:

- Having deeper insights into customer data, identify customer behavior patterns and expected trends
- Identify cross sell and up sell opportunities, derive / predict customer lifetime values