Togglr solves high-impact business problems by accelerating the decision through the platform built with components that help key decision support through attributes addressing the gaps through data engineering by scaling the use of analytics.

Our delivery model is technology based. We will bring to your business the necessary domain understanding coupled with the benefits of the cloud and analytics.

Our model is subscription based and can enable an asset light delivery method. We follow the route of a service model with a technology engine with also dedicated teams to the engagement in case of customization need to our technology application.

Data Analytica

Togglr Analytica is enterprise platform built as analytics framework preconfigured on Cloud for industry specific needs to support business decisions. The analytic engine is built to provide different forms of data supporting enhancements, integration and quality of reports to expedite business decisions.

Analytica engine is deployed on cloud and can be used on premise or off premise with robust frame work to support data engineering, data science and decision support through a subscription service on the cloud model and can be integrated within you organization existing systems to enable data driven decision.
Key Advantages:

Key Advantages:

-Live Dashboards with KPI,

-Robust data quality engine with intelligent business rules and look ups for standardization, corrections and design changes.

-Real time with well-defined governance structure, policy and procedure to maintain enhance quality of data.

-Profiling of data through checks on inconsistency, incompleteness and errors.

-Reports with multiple formats and standard reports for business use with options of merge, match, link data from disparate sources.

-Tracking mechanism built in with option of performing data audits.

-Easy integration with interoperable framework.